Collagen, hydration, antioxidants… what does your skin really need? Find out with this simple one-time test

Thanks to YouTube tutorials, flirtations with beauty influencers on Instagram, and beauty brands all over social media, we’ve never had more choice or access to as many skin care products as we do today. With the explosion of skin care offerings on shelves today, it’s tough being a consumer who simply wants something that works for your skin.

We all have unique needs when it comes to skin care, based on skin type, environment and lifestyle. How many of us have bought a product due to marketing hype, a pretty bottle, or because some flawless, dewy skinned Korean actress is endorsing it? If this is how you’re currently selecting your skin care products, we’ve got good news for you! By the time you get to the end of this article, you’ll be one step closer to knowing what to look for in the future products you invest in.


Knowledge is Power

Identifying your characteristic strengths and weaknesses is the foundation to helping you make better career and lifestyle choices, and chart your life goals. Similarly, knowing your skin’s innate characteristics lets you make better product, lifestyle and dietary choices for your skin. Wouldn’t you shop differently and more discerningly if you had a way to see your what your skin would look like in, say, five to ten years time?

That crystal ball is now easily available. In fact, it’s been within you all along.


Using Your DNA for Smarter Skin Care

We know that our genes – the building blocks of our unique individual blueprint – impact our height, skin colour, and even whether we are a morning or night person. Our genes also affect certain skin traits; for example, how fast our skin breaks down collagen, how well it holds moisture, and how sensitive it is. Genetic testing gives you a clear picture on areas you should be focusing on in your skin care routine. If your DNA profile shows that your skin breaks down collagen at a faster rate, you would expect to develop wrinkles and lose the ‘bounce’ in your skin earlier than most people your age. In this case, you would look for products, foods and supplements that help to boost skin collagen.

Imagene Labs offers a unique precision facial serum that is formulated based on your DNA, and features patented key active botanical ingredients, as part of our OriSkin+ bundle. We look at the top ten consumer skin concerns and provide a customised skin report with personalized skin care, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Questionnaires may be subjective, skin scanning machines detect what has already appeared, but your genes show what can potentially appear, allowing you to take early, targeted preventive action.


Customise Me

The trend for customisation in beauty and wellness is steadily growing; and there is no stronger demand for products that meet one’s specific needs than in Asia. Selecting skin care ingredients suited specifically to your DNA is the ultimate in beauty customisation, and it all starts with a small saliva sample. Click here to find out more.

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