Exercises That Aid Fat Loss – Just Lift The Weights!

Contributed by Yongdan Tang, PhD

The title of this blog may be misleading. In fact, it’s probably what many believe: that there are distinctions between exercises ‘that are for fat loss’ and exercises ‘that build muscles’.  In my opinion, there really aren’t many fundamental differences for exercise selection between the cut and the bulk phase. Just lift the weights!

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Successful fat loss – a numbers (macros) game

Contributed by Yongdan Tang, PhD.

Physique improvement at any given moment can simply be classified as either fat loss or muscle gain. Simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain can happen, but under very specific situations which are hard to set as a goal for recreational lifters. Weight loss is the buzz word in many commercials, especially the ones targeted at women. In fact, the actual result that most people desire in the mirror is fat loss. Continue reading “Successful fat loss – a numbers (macros) game”

Fitness and physique – a marathon, not a sprint (Part 2 of 2)

Contributed by Yongdan Tang, PhD.

Because your body is a complete system, working out smart is as important as working out hard. In the preceding section of this two-part series, we discussed how your mindset, nutrition and training contribute to a sustained and effective fitness program. We’ll now look at how the roles of measurement and context complete a holistic and organized approach to (finally) achieve the fitness and physique you’ve always desired. Continue reading “Fitness and physique – a marathon, not a sprint (Part 2 of 2)”