Successful fat loss – a numbers (macros) game

Contributed by Yongdan Tang, PhD.

Physique improvement at any given moment can simply be classified as either fat loss or muscle gain. Simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain can happen, but under very specific situations which are hard to set as a goal for recreational lifters. Weight loss is the buzz word in many commercials, especially the ones targeted at women. In fact, the actual result that most people desire in the mirror is fat loss. Continue reading “Successful fat loss – a numbers (macros) game”

Fitness and physique – a marathon, not a sprint (Part 2 of 2)

Contributed by Yongdan Tang, PhD.

Because your body is a complete system, working out smart is as important as working out hard. In the preceding section of this two-part series, we discussed how your mindset, nutrition and training contribute to a sustained and effective fitness program. We’ll now look at how the roles of measurement and context complete a holistic and organized approach to (finally) achieve the fitness and physique you’ve always desired. Continue reading “Fitness and physique – a marathon, not a sprint (Part 2 of 2)”

Personalised Medicine

Contributed by Dr. Cheryl Kam MBBS BSc GDFM

Most of us are familiar with the prevailing high-volume health care environment where most medical treatments are designed for the ‘average patient’ in a one-size-fits-all approach.  This is successful for some patients, but not for many others.  For example, SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, a class of widely used anti-depressants) simply do not work for a whopping 38% of people diagnosed with depression.

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Personalised vs Routine Skin Care: Can DNA Testing Pave the Way for Future Skin Care?

Ever wondered why two people who are at the same age may look years apart? Or that somehow your grandmother in her seventies doesn’t have many deep wrinkles? It’s difficult to predict how our skin will age; thus, many have now turned to DNA testing to give us clues on how we age. Sounds extreme? This could well become a routine procedure – and sooner than we think!
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We all yearn for flawless, younger looking skin. One of the biggest motivations to adopt a healthier lifestyle is the desire to improve skin health. The quality of our skin, its appearance and radiance (or lack of it), the rate at which our skin ages, and our tendency towards inflammatory changes are very much influenced by our genetic predispositions, as well as nutrients found in our diet and the skin care products that we use on our skin.

Want fabulous, glowing, younger-looking skin? Then make sure you are getting the right nutrients into your system.


Top 5 holiday super foods to add into your Christmas dinner this year!

We all love Christmas. The feeling of joy and the colourful bright lights on tall Christmas trees signal the coming to an end of a great year and the start of something wonderful. Christmas has always been known as one of the most indulgent time of the year. Most of us, even those who are usually conscious with our eating choices will find it hard to resist the temptation and often eat more than usual. Amid the myriad of holiday dinners and gatherings, we can still make our meals healthy and wholesome by including some of the famous superfoods around.

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